Product for the Outdoors

– Since 1872 –

Enhancing the presentation of your grounds.

“Presentation is everything”

A common refrain in a competitive world. Cheesebrough’s goal is to offer durable products that will assist you in enhancing the presentation of your property.  We take pleasure in the fact that the quality and elegance of our products gives them the ability to charm the world’s most discerning individuals on your behalf.

Dual Performance

Professionals within the golf industry have taught us what they expect from grounds accessories. Predictably, maintenance wants performance and durability. Marketing, however, is all about promotion. They insist that even maintenance accessories play a roll in a presentation that stimulates a positive response from their target client base. Their expectation is that everything a player sees or touches creates a desire to belong.

Challenged by these logical expectations, we design “dual performance” into our products. First, to do their job well. Second, to delight your players. Through their long hours of faithful service to your maintenance needs, Cheesebrough goods act as a “silent sales staff” for your marketing effort.

Cheesebrough Dual Performance Accessories

Performing the function you require 
Marketing your property while performing that function

Are Wooden Accessories worth the effort?

It makes good sense to be cautious when considering the purchase of wooden grounds accessories.  Cost, durability, maintenance, how long will they last?, etc..  Those very real concerns can now be addressed due to advances in wood preservative technology, and the wealth of information on the internet.  At Cheesebrough, we have incorporated that “new world” into our many generations of building products for “open air” use.

When we couple that with the increase in the variety of hardwoods from around the world, our wooden accessories find themselves in a very competitive position.  We have learned the importance of selecting the proper hardwood, production processes, and sealers for each environment.  We then advise you on the proper care for achieving the maximum years of service.

We are not a “one size fits all” catalog of accessories.  We supply the right fit for you, and you will have quality grounds accessories that will make your grounds and your budget look their best. Making certain the things we build gives our customers honest value that has kept us in business for over 140 years.

Cost vs Value

Spend Wisely | Purchase accessories that pay for themselves

Yes, Cheesebrough goods are expensive, and we recognize they are not for everyone.  Annual cost is very competitive, however, when you consider the years of service they offer.  And, if your intention is to generate interest with the world’s high-end player, no one does it better.  What promotional value are you receiving from your current grounds tools?

What is Cheesebrough?

Cheesebrough has been shipping durable outdoor goods around the globe over the past three centuries.  At one time by the boxcar, and now in much smaller boxes of cardboard.  Unlike the typical golf industry suppliers that compete in offering “price point” goods manufactured in far away lands, we are a remnant of the days when American craftsmanship and quality was the envy of the nations.

We operate much the same now as when the mill started in the 1860’s, using simple machines to “rough in” the basic shapes, and handwork in the finishing.  In our more modern world, few are willing or able to do the handwork.  Cheesebrough products are easily recognized as more crafted than manufactured, and that by American craftsmen.  We hope our goods will add the same satisfaction to your lives in the using, as they do to ours in the making.

Our Goal

Each of our small number of clients is important to us and the continued operation of this old company.  Our goal is that we give you good value in service, and in blending into the presentation you work to achieve.  If you determine to use our goods and ever have reason to be disappointed, please call and allow us to make it right for you.


Why our customers value Cheesebrough

I do not let my close competitors know, but I will tell you that your flagsticks cost less than the cheap sticks I have always used.  They last, and look great over the years. ”

” Our organization is working towards a more sustainable future.
Being a renewable resource, your wooden products represent a part of that commitment. ”

” The flagsticks and rakes held up beautifully.
We will spend less than $250 in maintenance for all of them this year! ”

” Putting your products on our course was a good move for me.
It motivated the members to seek me out and compliment my decision,
which has given me the opportunity to develop a rapport with many of them. ”

” Honestly? My club expects me to find the
best. I would have some explaining to do
if they saw them down the street first. ”

” …enhance the presentation of our property. ”

” We have used the typical plastic stuff for years, and I couldn’t guess how much of it we sent to the landfill.
I will feel better using accessories that end their life being a food source for something else that wants to grow. ”

” Players love your stuff. I’m going to turn the invoice over to the marketing office. ”

” It may be a little sneaky, but I use your pins to open conversations with members.
My office looks out over the practice green. If I see someone I want to speak with,
I go out and ask them how they like the “new look” we get with your sticks.
I always get a positive response, and a smile. That is a great way to begin the conversation. ”

” Hands down, your products set a new standard for golf. ”

“….striking, durable, elegant. ”

” Our players admire craftsmanship. ”

” It is who we are. ”

” To further our point of difference with our competitors. “