Morey™ Flags

Getting the wood mill and finish shop was the priority after the fire, so the fabrics shop was somewhat “ignored”. We have purchased land, and will start construction on a new facility in the spring. That frees up some energy for fabrics, and new embroidery equipment for custom logo flags will be in operation in early spring.

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Although they look their best on our wooden flagsticks, morey flags will make any flagstick stand out. A wooden spar keeps the flag from bunching up, and offers a unique presentation.  For our stock flags we use Solarmax nylon, a dedicated flag material.  For a heavier weave we use a soft outdoor furniture fabric.

A spice brown over black custom Twin Pennant.  Either white or black webbing can be used.

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Flag visibility

A multiple pennant “strobes” for increased visibilty.

Flag Shapes

You probably noticed that many of our flags are pennant shaped. The reason is pretty basic. We wanted to make flags that complimented our wooden flagsticks. Being small, however, we find it difficult to compete with the industry leaders in their own game, so need to find that little spot they have no interest in. A casual glance showed everyone makes rectangle shaped flags, so we immediately liked pennants. Next came figuring out how to attach them to the stick. Everyone uses tubes. We thought tubes were boring, and they hid our great looking wood. So no tubes. And, that it was obvious (to a woodworker) that a flag would require some kind of wood. We think we stumbled on a pretty nice old looking flag design.

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