morey™ Flags

We make our flags with 3 year no fade outdoor fabric.  It has a heavy weave similar to the cotton used in early golf.  The quality appearance and feel generates a very positive response from players.  Clubs capitalize on the appeal by offering them in the pro shop and using them as awards new or even after retiring them from play.  Value to your budget comes from both long life and re-sale.  Having them on display in prominent locations around the globe offers solid value to your brand.   Please contact us for information on what others have been doing if the concept interests you.  For many, Cheesebrough flags pay for themselves through marketing and sales.

Green Flags

Although they look their best on our wooden flagsticks, morey flags will make any flagstick stand out. A wooden spar keeps the flag from bunching up, and offers a unique presentation.  

Custom Twin Pennant.  White or black webbing is standard.  We can make webbing with the flag fabric for a perfect match if wanted.

imag0052 300x213 1

Flag visibility

A multiple pennant “strobes” for increased visibilty.


Flag Shapes

You probably noticed that many of our flags are pennant shaped. The reason is simple. We wanted to make flags that complimented our wooden flagsticks. Being small, however, we find it difficult to compete with flag makers in their own game, so had to find that little spot they had no interest in. A casual glance showed everyone makes rectangle shaped flags, so we immediately liked pennants. Next came figuring out how to attach them to the stick. Tubes hid our wooden flagstick, and it was was obvious to a woodworker that a flag would require wood somewhere so we use a wooden spar to keep the flag from bunching up.  

imag0192 67x300 1