morey ™ Flagsticks:

Cheesebrough’s morey flagsticks offer value for daily use or special event. They are not only attractive, they are durable, and we provide you with maintenance information on how to achieve the most years of service from them.  Our stock sticks are built with domestic hardwood. Exotic hardwood is also available on most models.


The Perennial shown on the home page is our most popular flagstick.  Inset at right shows the lower brass connector.

imag009 1


The Stout has an 1 1/8″ wooden dowel, and 1/2″ fiberglass base rod. At right is a painted Stout.  Center shows a selection of Stout bodies, and far right an all wood upper with two simple swatches of cloth often used in early golf for a “flag”. The brass has been oxidized for an antique presentation. (This stick is a replica of one found on an old course in northern Europe. To its left is an 18″ Tee Marker used on the same course.) NOTE: The camera slightly distorts the sticks.

Flagstick length

Standard length is 7′, and we can build any length you require. 5′ sticks were used in early golf, and much of European golf still use them.

At right is a simple stick that recalls the days when many flagsticks were metal, and might require a wooden grip during the hot summer months. Far right shows a selection of stained grips, with natural in the center.


The Tradition at right is designed for special event use only. It has a profiled solid brass base and wooden upper section. This stick is domestic hardwood, and measures 9/16″ at the top with a 1″ grip, and 1/2″ at ground level.  Inset shows the solid brass base.  

We wove the balloon at top for some years, but recently discontinued them.

Years of Life

We build our products in anticipation they will give four years of service in typical environments and under normal use. Clubs with a regular maintenance program do better. More extreme environments require additional care. We supply information that will assist you in getting the most years of service. If you have excessive wind, sun, etc., please let us know, and we will design and build to address those conditions.



Domestic hardwoods:

The stock stain color for domestic hardwoods is Early American, a medium brown. Custom stain colors are available. The finish is a clear gloss. Painted color striping is available on any stick.

Exotic hardwoods:

Exotic hardwood does not require protection. Left natural it will turn the typical gray you see in high-end patio furnishings. A periodic wipe of penetrating sealer will darken the wood, and keep it from bleaching. We do not offer a clear gloss finish on exotic woods.

“Natural” Golf

If your presentation requires more natural accessories, you will want exotic hardwoods. Exotics are resistant to mildews, and will gray from the sun. They can also be kept looking fresh with penetrating sealer.

Sun Bleaching – Exotics

The pictures at left show exotic hardwood sections. Top is an untreated stick that has been on our roof for three years. It has turned gray, but retains a relatively smooth finish. Below that shows a new stick with sealer. Exotic does not mildew or decay. You can see how sun-bleached exotic hardwood responds to re-sealing on the rake page

Custom & Special Event

It is difficult to see detail on a tall thin flagstick, so a few close-up shots will give you a better idea of come custom work. (Pictures on the Practice Flagstick page show more options.) Below shows detail of the base and grip on a domestic hardwood Stout flagstick. At right in exotic.

imag015 300x199 1
imag018 106x600 1
imag017 250x250 1

Custom Perennial

At left is a close up of the base of a custom stick. It has the same profile as our Perennial, but has 8 flat sides. It is exotic hardwood and the brass has been oxidized. Far left shows the full 6′ stick leaning against our weathered mill wall. The octagon follows the profile to the top. (It can be difficult to photograph a tall thin object, and we hope your “minds eye” can fill in the details for you.