Misc. Accessories

Called a “Balloon”

Intended to deny knowledge of air currents. Balloons offer an authentic and unique touch for special events, and make an interesting decoration or award. Far right shows the size comparison of 14″ for the flagstick, and practice stick model at 6″. At left the small balloon on the green. Mounting: The flagstick goes through the center of the balloon, and attaches at the top with an acorn nut.


Given a foundation of quality material and fine craftsmanship, well cared for wooden accessories improve in appearance over the years, assuming that venerable identity we all admire. Durability, style, and elegance to name a few. Contrast that with the shabby appearance of the typical accessory that has “gone to seed” after a few seasons. There is not much that can be done to restore their appearance, and their time has not come up on the budget. So, you stop looking at them and hope your guests will do the same. With a little care, Cheesebrough exotic hardwood stakes will never look “seedy”, and it will be many years before they will show up on your budget.