Practice Flagsticks

morey ™ Practice Flagsticks

morey™ practice flagsticks change the look of your practice greens dramatically.  Most are available in 30″ and 36″. The ball cup can be inverted for use on a firm level surface, and a spike option allows temporary turf placement.  Exotic hardwoods are available for most models.


The Perennial has a profiled wood body with 9/16″ brass end fittings and a 1″ center. Far right shows a natural finish with the ball cup inverted for free standing use.

Immediate right shows the stick as it is most often used, with just the ball grip.  The finish is our stock Early American stain with gloss clear coat.

Insets shows the ball grip and pin option for temporary turf placement.

imag0002 100x372 1


At left shows the Tradition in exotic hardwood.   Similar to the Perennial in shape but a bit stronger, for clubs with a more aggressive player base.   Exotic hardwoods are left natural or protected with a low gloss penetrating sealer.


This stick tapers from the 9/16″ brass fitting at the base, to 1 1/8″ at top. It can be built with a brass cap as shown, or with a brass stud on the cap for flag or grip mounting.

imag0041 52x300 1


At right is our Stout practice stick. It can be built with a brass cap as shown, or with a brass stud on the cap for flag or grip mounting. It has an 1 1/8″ hardwood body with solid brass end caps. Stock stain color is Early American, a medium brown. Custom stain and stripe colors are available.

imag0072 210x372 1

“Universal” flag mount

The “Universal” flag mount option allows installation of any golf flag other than the very small diameter tubes.

Left and right show the 30″ Stout with our Universal flag mount. At right shows a 30″ in exotic hardwood without sealer. Exotic hardwood will turn gray over time, or can be kept dark with periodic application of sealer as shown below.

imag0061 80x372 1
imag0021 300x110 1

Detail on Custom Sticks

At right area few custom practice flagsticks we have built.   The grip is an integral part of the flagstick and is not removable.


Below shows another custom flagstick.  We can build most anything you might want.


imag0111 300x165 1


At right shows a set of Stout practice flagsticks in exotic hardwood.   The brass has been oxidized.  The wood has been left unfinished so the sun can  bleach it to the typical gray seen on patio furnishings.  We can now pre-age the wood to that sun bleached gray if needed.