Designs in Progress

Bent Frame Furnishings

Job Cheesebrough  was one of this countries early industrialists.  A designer, promoter, and old world craftsman, Job showed his products & ideas overseas and at venues like the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.  One of those product lines was deck furnishings for ocean steamers, and we assume that came from his ocean voyages.  

We had re-introduced steamer deck chairs in the 90’s.  That did not go well, mainly due to the fact that few people beyond our village had ever heard of Cheesebrough.  The mill and its wooden products had been considered obsolete for some time in a world captivated by “!No Maintenance!” disposable goods.

Having that history in furnishings, and the fact that now we know you, (and you know us) prompted us to make another run at it.  Just simple long lasting furniture, but elegant in the way we often now regard many Early American products.