Cheesebrough Wooden Rakes

Competition to develop an adequate player base is keen, and traditional goods by Cheesebrough provide an advantage by making playing time at your club a unique experience. Cheesebrough bunker rakes are a powerful draw for those that appreciate an early golf setting and old world craftsmanship.


Domestic Hardwood

We have used  domestic hardwoods from the start. Before assembly, the individual components are soaked in high quality wood sealer for a solid foundation of protection.

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Bunker Rakes

Standard Sizes:
#1648 – 16″ head and 48″ handle
#1854 – 18″ head and 54″ handle
#2160 – 21″ head and 60″ handle
#2666 – 26″ head and 66″ handle
NOTE: (2666 is special order) Any head and handle combination can be ordered.

Flex Frame Bunker Rake

The Flex Frame rake has proven its worth over the past 140 years. Durable, elegant, and lightweight, it finishes well and is an authentic accessory from early golf. Although initially your members will be attracted to the old world craftsmanship, they will soon put equal value on the easy operation.

How long will they last?

Like anything on your grounds, years of service is dependant on maintenance. We build our rakes in anticipation they will give you four years of service with proper maintenance. One of our East Coast clubs has had our rakes in use for 10+ years, and tell us they look just fine. Once a year they remove any mildew (It’s there, even if you cannot see it.) by standing the rake on it’s head in half of a plastic barrel filled with a bleach solution, and brushing the handle. They then rinse the rakes, let them dry, sand any rough spots on the handles, and apply sealer. Every year. Just like all the other equipment they use. Sounds like a lot of work, but they say it has kept the annual cost of having a nice looking rake in their bunkers near or below the cost of any other rake.

Exotic Hardwood

The high oil content and dense cell structure of exotic hardwood provides natural resistance to mildew, decay, and UV, resulting in a very long life.  It also requires less care than domestic hardwood, and is more forgiving if maintenance is delayed.  If you want a more natural presentation, exotic is very comfortable without sealer protection and will turn the silvery gray seen on high-end patio furnishings.

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As mentioned, left natural exotic hardwood will turn gray over time, similar to high-end outdoor furniture. If wanted, the “new” look can be retained with a simple application of sealer. Although exotic hardwood is required in Tropical and arid areas, it offers long life and low annual cost in any climate.

Below left shows how exotic hardwood turns gray when left natural.  The rake at center was sealed and spent one year on our rusty metal roof.   The right side of the sealed rake shows how it weathered, and the left side shows how a simple wipe of sealer restores the new appearance.  The rake at far right has sealer applied. 

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Maintenance Crew

The Rod Frame is a 21st century version of the Wire Frame we have made since the 1880’s. It has a very durable, trussed head to handle connection. All of the metal is stainless steel.  The standard size has a 26″ head and 66″ handle (72″ or longer available) and is generally used by the maintenance staff for bunker prep or general maintenance.   Bunker rake sizes are available in domestic or exotic hardwood. 

Note: Round teeth on a wooden rake gently comb through grasses.  Blades of grass lock on the typical square tooth rake resulting in torn tips that dull the turf. 

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